Issue 20      

Welcome to your June edition of Dialogue magazine.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we’re introducing our new ‘Things To Do’ website, where you can find out about all our visitor attractions and the amazing choice of events and activities they deliver.

Also in this edition:

- we caught up with Dr James Nightingale about the discovery of one of the biggest black holes ever found

- we’ll tell you about a new collection of artwork bought by the University which is about to be launched as a digital exhibition

- we look back at Durham Pride as the event celebrated its 10th anniversary

In this edition we find out more about Dr Patrick Jachyra in our ‘A day in the life of...’ feature.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who took part in our Star Wars quiz, it was great to see so many of you putting your knowledge to the test. 


A Royal celebration

People across the UK and beyond celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III, which took place at Westminster Abbey last month.

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Discover Things To Do

With the launch of our new ‘Things To Do’ website, we’re running a campaign in the summer to promote all of the University’s visitor attractions and the amazing choice of events and activities they deliver in the heart of Durham.

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Do you know about our staff networks?

Wednesday 10 May was National Day for Staff Networks, a day dedicated to recognising networks and the value they add to the workplace.

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Durham Pride celebrates 10 years

May marked the 10th anniversary of Durham Pride! The parade and walk through Durham City, which takes place every year, celebrates and highlights the need for more LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, equality and diversity.

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Our quiz gave you something to chew(bacca) over

In our May edition of Dialogue, we put your Star Wars knowledge to the test. It was great to see so many of you taking part and we saw some fantastic results!

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Discover my world

Talking to toddlers shapes early brain development – in conversation with Dr Samuel Forbes

New research reveals that talking to babies and toddlers helps shape their developing brain and is one of the first to find a direct link to language input and brain structure early in a child’s development.

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The duality of the Spanish language with Dr Yarí Pérez Marín

Dr Yarí Pérez Marín, Associate Professor and Director of Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures speaks to us about her current projects, why interdisciplinary research is important, and duality of the Spanish language.

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Ultramassive black hole discovery leads to huge international media attention

In March 2023, Dr James Nightingale from our Department of Physics revealed that he and his research team had discovered one of the biggest black holes ever found, by taking advantage of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.

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Durham inspires

World Environment Day – how to make a difference this summer

As a University, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and improving the local environment, both for the people who live and work in Durham.

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One Day Changes

A new collection of artwork bought by the University is about to be launched as a digital exhibition.

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Preserving Durham’s heritage - Norman Chapel Conservation Project

The Norman Chapel at Durham Castle is the oldest standing building in Durham City. Because of its architectural and historical significance, it is one of the most important spaces in Durham.

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Towards a more inclusive University

Dialogue looks into the new strategic framework for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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A day in the life of Dr Patrick Jachyra

In this edition we find out more about Patrick Jachyra, Assistant Professor in our Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences.

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A year of activities and success for our Careers & Enterprise team

With the end of term quickly approaching, we look back at the activities and achievements of our Careers & Enterprise Service.

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Dr Andy Hamilton on the ‘philosophy of improvisation’

Professor Andy Hamilton is the Director of Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics Research Cluster in the Department of Philosophy. Here he talks to us about his personal interest in jazz as well as the philosophy of improvisation...

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