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World Environment Day – how to make a difference this summer

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As a University, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and improving the local environment for the people who live and work in Durham. This commitment is reflected in the Greenspace Movement which brings together all our environmental plans, policies and procedures.

Monday 5 June is World Environment Day, a global platform for inspiring positive change. That means there’s never been a better time to look at how you can get involved with the Greenspace Movement here at Durham. Why not join a staff or student group, download the MyGreenspace app or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for information, tips and events.

You can also attend our upcoming Greenspace Festival, which this year is taking place on Wednesday 14 June at Grey College. We’ll be hosting student groups, researchers, charities and local businesses, all focused on environmental sustainability. There will also be talks, workshops and food!

Rob Lynes and David Harper
Rob Lynes and David Harper

If you’d like to understand more about how you can get involved, take a look at what our community has been up to throughout May for some ideas…

A busy month for sustainability

  • In May, we took part in No Mow May! This year, our Botanic Garden took part and 96% of the garden remained un-mowed. Wildflowers could grow wild and provide a feast for pollinators, tackle pollution, and lock away atmospheric carbon below ground. Find out more about the campaign.
  • We also celebrated the winners of this year’s Sustainability Varsity – Hatfield College!
    Hatfield won the Sustainability Varsity with a total of 150 points, with St. Chad's following in a close second place position with 130 points. John Snow took third with 120 points. Congratulations Hatfield!
  • As part of our My Greenspace Calendar, May was our ‘Connect with Nature’ month, promoting our Biodiversity and national events: Hedgehog Awareness Week, Invasive Species Week, Walking Month May and various volunteering opportunities to get involved with.
  • Hedgehog Awareness Week was organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and takes place every year. It aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how you can help them. Check out our Hedgehog Friendly self-guided walks, or discover how you can help Durham’s hedgehogs on our staff and student volunteering platforms.

Visitors browsing the stalls at last year's Greenspace Festival
Visitors browsing the stalls at last year's Greenspace Festival

Coming soon

The Green Move Out scheme started out in just one college in 2005, and it has run every year since, growing to include all our colleges, and students living out in the wider community.

If you’re a student and want to find out more, visit our SharePoint page. Green Move Out can help you move out of your student accommodation responsibly and sort through your belongings to decide what to keep, store, sell, donate, or recycle so that you can leave your room and house in good condition!



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