Issue 30       April 2024

Our University Library and Collections Department's Learning and Engagement team provides interactive programmes and events for schools, community groups, families and lifelong learners. We interviewed John Roxborough, a Learning and Engagement Coordinator, to learn more about their work, including a recent visit to a local primary school.

Professor Jeremy Dibble has dedicated much of his academic career to researching and writing about Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. Dialogue caught up with Jeremy to understand how the composer’s legacy is still very much alive.

Meet members of the team at Event Durham who put their heart and soul into delivering exceptional events and read about Beth Cronin from our Advancement function as she defies gravity with her unusual hobby.

Learn more about Professor Anna Rowlands in our ‘A day in the life’ feature.

In our previous edition of Dialogue, we asked for your book recommendations and now we're excited to share them with you.

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From pilot to progress: one colleague’s journey to improve her digital skills

When Natalie Costello was looking to improve her own digital skills and help her team to use technology to work smarter, she called on the University’s Digital Capabilities project.

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Let’s talk about books

In the last edition of Dialogue magazine, we talked about the unprecedented availability of books and how reading can just be the escape we need from life's demands and the often negative impact of constant electronic interruptions.

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April adventures: museums, gardens and festive celebrations

There is so much to explore at our museums, galleries, and gardens throughout April.

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Discover my world

How Sir Charles Villiers Stanford’s legacy lives on 100 years after his death

Professor Jeremy Dibble, from our Department of Music, has devoted much of his academic career to researching and writing about Sir Charles Villiers Stanford.

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Durham inspires

A day in the life of Anna Rowlands

Professor Anna Rowlands from our Department of Theology and Religion is a leading theologian who’s helping to shape the future of the Catholic Church.

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A new space for sharing teaching and learning practice

Dr Mathilde Roger, an Associate Professor in our Department of Biosciences, noticed that it was often challenging for colleagues to identify relevant journals where they could share their practice in developing and evaluating new approaches to teaching and learning in their classroom.

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John Roxborough brings history to life in school visits

John Roxborough is a Learning and Engagement Coordinator in our University Library and Collections Department.

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Celebrating sustainability achievements

We have been recognised as one of the top universities globally for sustainability. The 2024 QS World University Rankings for Sustainability have placed us 19th out of 1,403 global universities and fifth in the UK.

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Award-winning Event Durham team shares secrets of success

The team at Event Durham puts their heart and soul into delivering exceptional events and this has been recognised by a number of tourism awards over the years.

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Marketer defies gravity with aerial gymnastics hobby

Beth Cronin is a Senior Marketing Manager (Business Partnering) in our Advancement function. Beth also has an unusual hobby that she shared with Dialogue Magazine.

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