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Durham joins Nature Positive Universities Alliance

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We are delighted to join the Nature Positive Universities Alliance as a founding member.

Nature Positive provides a fantastic opportunity for us to unite with global universities to address the important issue of restoring and preserving nature.

What is Nature Positive?

Nature Positive is a new global alliance that brings universities from around the world together to prioritise nature on university campuses and in their supply chains.

The project is being led by the University of Oxford and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Nature Positive calls for ambitious pledges to reduce universities’ negative impacts on nature.

Our commitment to preserving nature

Our campus is situated in a beautiful landscape, with examples of high-quality wildlife habitats located within our estates. These include deciduous woodland, grassland and wetland habitats.

We at Durham enjoy this environment and are committed to maintaining and improving its quality, both for the people who live and work on our campus and for the wildlife.

We are on a mission to actively reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and we thrive on producing world-leading and world-changing research, including much that directly addresses the issue of environmental sustainability.

Our vision is to deliver excellence in education, research and wider student experience in the most sustainable way possible.

With this pledge we plan to introduce more environmental sustainability into our research agenda, teaching curriculum, and the Durham Award scheme.

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