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Improving health and wellbeing across our community

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Our work to improve the health and wellbeing of staff and students has been recognised nationally. Ahead of our Wellbeing Fortnight, around 20 colleagues from across the University came together to pick up the Universities Human Resources (UHR) Award for Wellbeing 2024.

Uplifting to win

In accepting the award, Joanne Race, Director of HROD said: “I genuinely think this is an award for everyone who has had a part to play in our wellbeing activities.
“When you step back and take stock of all the things we’ve done, you realise how much we’ve achieved.

“It’s great to get external recognition for our work which showcases excellent practice across the university sector. It’s really uplifting to win!”

The award judging panel commented that our “rigorous approach to external evaluation has backed up the findings of recent staff surveys on the approach, and includes a number of awards in addition to this one, including a National Social Value Award in 2023.”

Ian Wright, UHR Executive Board member (left) and Claire Hunter
Ian Wright, UHR Executive Board member (left) and Claire Hunter

The awards panel judges also said:

“This winning nomination detailed the implementation of a comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Strategy designed to promote a supportive work environment for staff and students to enable them to thrive.

The strategy was co-created and implemented and offers a huge range of resources and initiatives to address the muti-faceted aspects of working and studying at Durham, addressing the wellbeing of the whole community.

Ian Wright, UHR Executive Board member and Director of Human Resources at Sheffield University, came to Durham to present the award at a special event in the Confluence Building.
Ian said that the judging panel was impressed by the breadth of the University’s offering, the holistic view that we take to wellbeing, and the collaborative way we approach wellbeing with different teams.

Wellbeing initiatives

There have been so many wellbeing initiatives implemented at Durham over the past few years, all of which contributed to the award success.

Some examples include our renewed approach to student support and wellbeing, updated family friendly policies, the staff health and wellbeing hub, support for staff with disabilities, and activities such as wellbeing walks, workshops and yoga sessions.

Find out more about wellbeing support at the University.



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