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Step into National Walking Month: join our Wellbeing Walks

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To mark National Walking Month, it’s a great time to promote the benefits of walking for physical health, mental wellbeing and just enjoying the great outdoors.

What better way to celebrate than by encouraging everyone to put on their boots and get walking?

Get involved and join a lunchtime walk

Colleagues are invited to come along and join walk leader Matt Connell, Senior Fitness Assistant at the University, at one of our Wellbeing Walks this month. The walks are designed to help you take time out, get some fresh air and exercise, all in the company of colleagues from across the University.

The Wellbeing Walks start on campus at lunchtime and last for approximately 40 minutes.

The walks are open to both staff and students and will follow routes that Matt plans around campus.

We spoke to Matt to find out more about the benefits of our Wellbeing Walks.

Colleagues taking part in one of the Wellbeing Walks
Colleagues taking part in one of the Wellbeing Walks

Tell us how you became a walking champion.

I became a walking champion as I’ve always had a keen interest in the outdoors, walking, running and camping. My manager asked if I wanted to enrol on a walking course and here I am today. I love meeting new people and talking about fitness, nutrition, and general day to day topics.

What do you think are the main benefits of walking?

Walking is one of those exercise that most people can participate in as it is low impact on the knees, hips and back. An increase in cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness as well as a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke are the main benefits but just getting out in the fresh air makes you feel so good and is great for mental health.

Colleagues enjoying the views at a Wellbeing Walk
Colleagues enjoying the views at a Wellbeing Walk

What is the best walking advice you can give?

The main bits of advice I can give for going walking are to make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for the time of year and weather.

Take things slow to start with, maybe a nice flat 15-minute walk, once you feel more confident then you can start adding in hills and walking for longer.

Take a small water bottle if you are going on longer walks, stick to public walkways, and try going out walking with a friend too.

What would you say to colleagues thinking of joining a Wellbeing Walk?

Give our Wellbeing Walks a try, you will appreciate getting away from the office for 30-40 minutes while taking in our stunning scenery around Durham. You can also feel free to ask me any questions on health and fitness related topics as I am one of the senior health and fitness advisors/personal trainers here at Maiden Castle.

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