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New Year, new ways of working

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With the New Year upon us there is an opportunity to think about refreshing how we work and whether there are small changes that we could make to our day-to-day working practices to better support our work and life balance.

We have a range of tools, tips and learning available to help you bring the University Working Principles to life. The principles cover four key areas which can have a significant impact on our work/life balance: meetings, emails, expectations and culture. In each of the areas there are suggestions for small actions to take which could help us to work better together and individually. The Living the Principles SharePoint site has a range of resources to support you in adopting our Working Principles.

Keen to explore practical approaches and techniques to help you switch off from your working day?

Why not join our Open Course programme focused on exploring the expectations of the working principles. The session includes time for reflection on ways you might be able to support yourself in switching off from your working day and on aspects of your routine which might support or hinder your work/life balance. There are also tools and tips to support you in prioritising your work and workload.

Do you have inbox woes?

Join our session to explore how the working principles around emails and adapting or adopting them within your ways of working might help you better support your work/life balance and stop the dread of the email ping!

We’ll look at email signatures, emojis and the emotional impact of email, and whether there are habits around emails that you could make or break to improve your workload and work/life balance. To find out more and book your place visit Oracle Learning

Interested in practical tips on managing meetings using Office365 tools? 

Why not try our two-part 45-minute hands-on session where you’ll explore how to get the best out of managing meetings, organising your diary and developing your own toolkit of tips and techniques to better support your day-to-day working practices all using Microsoft Tools.

Chris Walker, Head of Risk Management, recently attended the course. He said: 

I was really struggling with back-to-back meetings. I picked up some really great hints and tips on the course, including setting up speedy meetings which automatically sets meetings to finish five minutes earlier, for example at 25 minutes rather than 30 minutes.

Chris continued: ''Over the course of the day the time adds up and provides valuable time and space for thinking and preparation ahead of the next meeting, rather than feeling like you are chasing your tail.”

Visit Oracle Learning to find out more and book your place. 

Don’t just take our word for it

A number of colleagues have shared how they have changed their working practices. Visit Case Studies to find out more.

Have you already started to embrace the Working Principles?

Then we’d love to hear from you. By sharing what you have achieved, and the benefits you're experiencing from adjusting your ways of working, you could help other staff improve their day-to-day working practices. Get in touch via

Interested to explore the Working Principles with your team?

Then contact Lizzie Amies-Fletcher, OD Business Partner (Transformation) at

For more information and practical hints and tips to help you improve the way you work and positively impact on your work/life balance visit Living the Principles.



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