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The hidden talents of Rev Rebecca Amoroso

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We’ve recently asked colleagues about their unusual hobbies, a hidden talent, or a favourite pastime that they do outside of work?

Rev Rebecca Amoroso our Hill Colleges’ Chaplain got in touch with us and here is what she told us.

Can you describe your day job in a sentence or two?

I provide pastoral, spiritual, and faith support for the Hill Colleges’ communities at the University.

What’s your hidden talent?

I am a qualified apiarist (beekeeper).

How did you get into beekeeping?

I was walking my dog through a local park, and I came across the local apiary. It was winter, so the bees weren’t flying, but I just liked the look of the hives and the thought of all the busy bees tucked up for winter inside.

I called the number for the local association, went along to find out more and got hooked. I joined up, and it all grew from there. I got my own hive, and I passed my first British Beekeeping Association exam. It’s important to join an association and learn how to manage and care for your bees, not least because the better you handle the bees, the less you get stung.

Why is beekeeping important to you?

Bees are such beautiful and complex creatures. Did you know, when Queen Elizabeth II died, the royal bees went into mourning? The royal beekeepers told each hive that their mistress had died, and draped the hives with black crepe, as is traditional. I didn’t realise how much there is to learn, or how much care bees need – especially during the summer months.

It is good to have such an absorbing interest outside of work, and bees are important for the environment. Beekeeping is a really fascinating and fulfilling experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn.



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