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Professor Simon Rees is making his Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut this summer

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Our very own Professor Simon Rees will be taking his newly created science show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

Prof. Simon Rees is marking his Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with a show aimed squarely at those, young and old, who are curious about the world around them.

Simon is an experienced educator and performer who has been engaging audiences in science for many years and is now bringing his unique show to the Fringe.

Drawing on examples of great scientists, past and present, Simon will demonstrate how we can unleash superpowers such as sticking to walls like Spiderman or move objects without touching them like a Jedi Knight. This audience participation show will inspire the curious to ask questions about the world around them and unleash their human superpowers.

Dialogue caught up with Simon to find out more about his debut show.

When did you create this show?

This is a new show that I have created this year.

What does it entail?

The show is all about exploring creativity in science.  It showcases some of the creative postgraduate research scientists in Durham and also features Michael Faraday, one of Britain's greatest scientists and science communicators.

It is a family friendly show with plenty of fun and surprises!

How are you feeling in the run up to the event?

Nervous and unprepared!

How does this link in with your work as a professor?

I have particular interests in teaching for and with creativity in science and I have written books in Chemistry and Physics in this area. 

Creativity is not something that is widely associated with the sciences.  We hear of the "Creative Arts" and the "Creative Industries" but I argue that we should also be talking about the "Creative Sciences".

I, therefore, decided to develop a show that would help demonstrate creativity in science.

How does your audience react to the show?

The audience engages with the show and ask lots of the questions.  This is what the show is designed to do - to promote curiosity and ask questions about the world around us.

As one primary school teacher said "your show is a moment of awe and wonder"


If you would like to see Professor Rees’ show you can purchase tickets at the Edinburgh Fringe box office.

The show will kick off on 14 August and end on 19 August and prices range from £7 for concessions and £9 for adults.



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