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Healthy start to 2023

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As we welcome in 2023, Dialogue looks forward to some of the upcoming activities on the University’s Wellbeing Calendar and asks: can you share your events with us?

This month, the focus of the Wellbeing Calendar is on Dry January and Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations a popular resolution for many people is cutting down on alcohol consumption – or even just becoming more aware of the issues around alcohol.

To help people who are looking for a little support, the recent Wellbeing Café provided information and ideas around ways to tackle Dry January.

If you’re taking part and you need inspiration to get you through the month, there’s more support and tools on the Dry January website.

The Wellbeing Calendar is also highlighting this month’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week from 23 to 29 January.

You can find more information and signposts to the available support on the Wellbeing Calendar intranet page for January.

You can also get other useful resources and information about how you can get involved in the campaign on the Jo’s Trust website.

Improving wellbeing throughout the year

Throughout the rest of the year, the Wellbeing Calendar is helping us to focus on a range of physical, mental and financial health topics.

Next month we’ll be concentrating on mental health with Time To Talk Day, which highlights some of the support available for people who might be facing a problem in their lives.

March’s Debt Awareness Month throws the spotlight on money matters, while May will help us make the most of the improving weather with National Walking Month.

Deborah Beel in HR-OD helped to create the Wellbeing Calendar. Deborah said:

The University is supporting a wide range of national and international awareness events throughout the year. Colleagues and students from across Durham have told us that they want more support with various health issues, and the Wellbeing Calendar is just one method we’ve developed to promote the help and advice that’s available.

“There are so many health and wellbeing events throughout the year so by supporting two themes per month, we can put more focus on these events and help staff and students to find out more about these important issues.

“The calendar will be reviewed at the end of the academic year and we’d love to hear from people about what they think of this year’s calendar. If anyone has any thoughts about what they’d like us to focus on next year, we’d love to hear from them.”

You can find details of all the events currently happening as part of the Wellbeing Calendar.

If you’re involved in any events highlighted by the 2022/23 Wellbeing Calendar and would like to promote them to all staff and students, just add to the comments section at the bottom of this page or email



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