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More than 50 colleagues came together to work collaboratively this August to ensure that A-Level results day went smoothly for potential undergraduates. 

Members of staff from across the University joined with the Admissions and Recruitment Team to deal with contact from potential students and their supporters. 

Miriam Clift, Head of Admissions
Miriam Clift, Head of Admissions

We established a Joint Operations Hub at the Teaching and Learning Centre to co-ordinate thousands of calls, emails, social media and other online queries from applicants.  

As well as the team in the Hub, Miriam Clift, Head of Admissions said that every member of staff at Durham helped with the process by ensuring that calls using University landlines were kept to a minimum. 

Miriam continued:

It was an extremely busy time and I want to thank the whole team, as well as staff from across the University who helped ensure that the whole admissions process went smoothly. 

“It really was a team effort which required the expertise of colleagues from a range of departments. 

“I’m proud to say that we all played a key role in setting students on their path to life at the University.” 

The Hub continued to operate after results day on 18 August to help applicants who’d received offers and to support them through the application process.  

Miriam continued: 

We’re still counting the number of contacts but by the time it closed on 2 September, the Joint Operations Hub had dealt with over 7,000 calls, livechats and online forms, alongside many social media queries. A brilliant team effort!



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