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This year, Cycle to Work Day reaches its 10th birthday.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re encouraging you to dig out your buried bike, resurrect your recumbent, or tidy up your tandem and get pedalling.

Cycle to Work day is on 4 August and could be an ideal opportunity to ditch the car and ride to campus. We know Durham’s a pretty hilly city but with the right gears on your bike, there’s no hill you can’t conquer. Remember, the incline you have to go up, is the same one you go back down!

We all know that cycling is one of the most sustainable ways of travelling, but did you know that 25% of car journeys are less than two miles which usually takes just over 10 minutes to cycle?

Leaving the car behind for those shorter journeys and taking a bike can really help your local environment by reducing emissions and congestion on the roads. Regular cycling also reduces your costs at the petrol pumps, lowers your chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and reduces your stress levels.

Pedals win prizes

This year’s Cycle to Work Day offers you the chance to kickstart your cycling habit and win a range of prizes - from £1,800 to spend on cycling kit, to bike hire membership, bike locks, books and more.

If you’d like to try cycling to work for the first time on 4 August, useful tips include:

  • Plan your route in advance using the council cycle map - you could do a test ride before your first commute
  • Make sure your bike’s suited to the route you’ll be travelling
  • Check out the cycle storage, changing and shower facilities in the building where you work
  • Avoid last minute searching by making a list of all the things you need to take on the day
  • Make sure you have a helmet, lights (useful even in daylight), high-viz clothing and a sturdy lock.

Naomi Green, Sustainability Co-ordinator from Estates and Facilities, said: 

Cycle to Work Day is the ideal time to give commuting by bike a try as there’s loads of advice and support available. And the prizes for people who take part are really great!

The University can help you buy a bike using salary sacrifice as part of the Cycle to Work scheme and there’s a Bicycle Users Group if you want company while you pedal along.

Also, when you arrive at work, the showers and changing facilities on offer are very nice and help you to freshen-up ready for your day in the office.

Durham County Council has developed a comprehensive guide to cycling in Durham City and beyond. It also includes maps showing the cycle lanes, traffic-free paths and bridleways you could you use to plan your route.

The University also has a range of help if you’d like to buy a bike. You can buy a new one through our Cycle to Work scheme or get a free safety check from Recyke y’bike when you buy a used bike. Find out more on the bike purchase webpage.

By incorporating physical activity into your everyday routine, you and the environment will reap the rewards, so why not give it a try.

You can register and find out more by visiting the Love to Ride website.



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