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Thought Apprenticeships were just for school leavers? Discover how they’ve opened up a world of opportunity for some of our staff. 

For the last two years, we have paid a small percentage of our payroll budget into an Apprenticeship Levy each month. This gives us access to government funding that we can use, both to recruit new apprentices, and to retrain or further develop our current staff with professionally delivered, accredited courses. 

Apprenticeship-based training has moved on considerably in recent years. Many professional qualifications are now available as an apprenticeship, rather than as a standalone course, and qualifications range from Level 2 (GCSE level) up to Level 7/8 (Master's level). 
At the moment we have staff members undertaking apprenticeships in everything from Hospitality (Level 2) to Senior Leadership (Level 7). We’ve also recruited over the last few months for a number of apprenticeships in central service areas, including HROD, Finance, CIS and Estates. 

Helen Strangward, Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services recently completed a Senior Leaders Masters Programme funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. 

I have encouraged and supported over 20 members of my team to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy, and wanted to demonstrate, as the Director of ACS, that I was committing to my own personal learning, too. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is considering personal development. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Rebecca Ridley spent her working life in retail before joining us as a Laboratory Technician apprentice within Biosciences, with the aim of working towards a Biology foundation degree. 

If I were a manager, I would see having an apprentice on board as the perfect opportunity to mould the type of person I would want working for me. An apprentice is a blank slate!

If you’re a staff member who would benefit from a qualification that would enhance your development or knowledge, or a manager looking to recruit additional members of staff, you may be eligible for Apprenticeship Levy funding. The government is providing employers with a cash incentive of £3,000 for hiring an apprentice until January 2022. For more information visit our apprenticeships pages in the HROD area or speak to your line manager. 



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